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JSR 168 - Pluto - Tomcat

Java Specification Request (JSR) 168 defines a standard standard from 2003 for portlets as Java-based Web components, managed under a portlet container, organizing processing of requests and generation of dynamic content. This definition is now being replaced by the succeeding JSR 286 standar.

Portals can make use portlets as pluggable user interface components to build up a presentation layer in information systems.

JSR 168 objectives are also:
  • Defining runtime container environment standards, providing portlet support
  • Defining API between (portlet) container and portlets
  • Defining fraework for storing transient and persistent portlet data
  • Defining framework for allowing portlets to include servlets and JSP (JavaServer Pages)
  • Defining deployment descriptor standards for packaging of portlets
  • Defining binary portlet portability among JSR 168 compliant portals
  • Defining standards for executing JSR 168 portlets as remote portlets using the Web Services for Remote Portlets (WSRP) protocol
Disadvantages of JSR 168:
  • unable to provide asynchronous requests to individual portlets through direct URL addressing
  • (subsequently) not straightforward integration with AJAX as the event handling requires use of JavaScrips to some degree to avoid that the entire Portal view (including all portlets) needs to be updated simultaneously.